Enchantments are upgrades for weapons, tools, and armor that can dramatically improve their stats. Some examples include increasing damage, critical strike chance, and defense, while others increase utility such as slowing enemies, freezing enemies, and more. Enchantments are a great way to improve your character and make the game more fun.

In Minecraft WoW Cata Gold, you can use an enchanting table to apply enchantments to weapons, tools, and armor. To use the enchanting table, you need to have the item that you want to enchant in your inventory and some lapis lazuli. You can find lapis lazuli in the world by mining, and it can be crafted into a tool with the crafting recipe. Once you have the item and the enchantment, you can place the enchantment into the anvil and it will be applied to the item with an experience level cost. The enchantment will show up in the output slot with its name displayed on the anvil’s GUI (green if you have the necessary amount of experience levels, red otherwise).

To select a specific enchantment, click on it to highlight it. A window will appear that displays all available enchantments for the selected item. The enchantments that are not currently selected will be highlighted in blue. The enchantments that are selected will be highlighted in green. This window also displays the current enchantments and their level.

The number and level of enchantments that can be applied to an item is based on the current enchanting table level and the item’s current level. A higher enchanting table level generally results in more and/or higher enchantments being available, but there is some randomness to it. For example, a level 30 enchantment table might yield both Efficiency III and Unbreaking III on an axe or pickaxe.

There are two sets of innate enchantments for weapons and armor that affect how they work in the game. Each weapon or piece of armor can have at most one enchantment from each set. These enchantments are primarily related to the item’s primary statistic, though there are some exceptions, such as +60 HP on an axe which increases its damage, and +15% size increase on armor that makes it bigger so you can carry more items in your inventory.

If you have multiple enchantments on an item, they will work in combination with each other rather than against each other. The most optimal combination of enchantments on a weapon or piece of armor is to have a good primary stat (e.g. damage or speed) and then a few secondary enchantments that enhance those stats.

The enchantments on an item are permanent, but you can disenchant it using the grindstone or by repairing it with an anvil. Disenchanting an item gives some experience back based on the level of its enchantments. However, mutually-exclusive enchantments cannot be removed in this way or with the /enchant command.